The Daily Sketchbook by Carolin Hosac

The Daily Sketchbook

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Using watercolor and pen & ink techniques to capture your life and ideas

With this course you’ll go from feeling creatively stuck or lackluster, (as your empty sketchbooks mock you untouched from their cushy shelf spots) to recovering the freedom and joy of drawing every day. By the end of the course you’ll finally be THAT person again who confidently carries their sketchbook around everywhere they go.

This course is for you if

  • you're feeling like you've lost your drive behind your creative practice and you're longing to get back into a productive rhythm.
  • you know you love to draw, and create, but 2020 managed to knock you off your creativity streak and it's making you feel a bit like your life is slipping past you. 
  • you're curious to learn effective and complication-free watercolor, and pen & ink techniques
If any of this had you nodding your head, keep reading!

By the end of this course you'll have

  • rekindled a steady relationship with your sketchbook and formed it into a robust practice
  • reconnected with  the little moments, images and ideas that make your life special and captured them in your sacred pages
  • formed a rock solid drawing process that keeps you out of overwhelm and in control of your sketches
  • explored multiple classical to non-traditional pen & ink techniques 
  • introduced colorful watercolor sketches into your sketchbook technique oeuvre
  • reminded yourself of what it is you love about drawing

What artists say...

"I was hesitant to enroll because I’ve never had any formal art training before.  Luckily, Carolin is an extremely thorough instructor who's always willing to help, and ready to reexplain material if necessary. Carolin’s classes helped me gain more confidence and enjoyment when I draw.  I now feel like I have a strong foundation for wherever I go in my art journey." 
Rachel Kim

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What's inside

It pays to study with someone who knows what it’s like to be on again off again with your creativity, and who’s figured out how to keep a consistent practice going, despite leading a busy life. 12+ years of being a university art instructor, being a mother, and being a fiercely committed artist inform how I've designed this course for you.


the lessons will get you: 
  • unstuck and re-inspired,  
  • consistently drawing again, 
  • fortified with a rocksolid drawing process that’ll keep you out of overwhelm and confusion.


 we’ll dive deep into the beauty that is pen and ink. 

  • You’ll kick art supply confusion to the curb
  • learn about all the available pen and ink tools and the results they’ll yield. 
  • You’ll learn and try out multiple pen and ink techniques, ranging from classical to contemporary.


you’ll get introduced to:  
  • my no-frills way of creating beautiful watercolor sketches anywhere anytime. 
  • art-pro hacks for setting yourself up for success
  • the most important insights about watercolor techniques, relevant to sketchbook techniques, all while having fun in exploring the medium.
***Caution: This is not a classical watercolor class. We’ll adapt the medium for “anytime-access”. It might make purists shudder!***

The content

is meticulously curated for a "study in your own time" experience.
I've assembled the perfect mix of 

  • slide lectures, 
  • demo videos, 
  • downloadable support pdf's and 
  • worksheets  (did I mention that all content will be downloadable, yet?!)
To keep you moving through the class, each of the 3 weeks, we'll also meet for a 1-hour private, LIVE Sketch Session via Zoom.

This is when we'll sketch together in real time (Tuesdays, 7-8pm PST), and get a chance to discuss any questions, roadblocks and successes you've encountered in each module.


It's the holidays. I'm not sure if this is a good time. Will you offer this course again?

I scheduled this course purposefully for the holiday season, which is the time when we usually forget about our own peace of mind. The course is meant to keep you centered on what matters most to you in this season.
Even though I'll offer the course again (later in 2021) I want you to take the chance to take care of yourself at the end of what has been a challenging year for most of us and get prepared to enter 2021 the right way , which is pencil in hand, amiright!?!

I've never had any formal training, and don't feel super talented. Is this class still for me?

Yes, yes, yes! The modules are designed to help you get started for the very first time, or to add new sketching methods into your already developed skill set.

Talent (an elusive concept to begin with) is NOT required to be in this class, nor is it necessary to have a rewarding sketchbook practice.

Will I need to have special materials on hand?

The amount of art supplies you invest in for the course is entirely up to you.
I made this list of recommended supplies that I love for my own pen and ink, and watercolor sketchbook practice. Pick what sounds exciting to you and consider permission to go art supply shopping granted ;)

How long will I have access to the course material?

The content will stay accessible even after the course is over. All files will be downloadable so you can keep them indefinitely.

I can't make it to the Tuesday LIVE sessions, will they be recorded?

You betcha. You'll get a link of the recorded session sent to you after 1-2 days. You can also submit questions even though you won't be attending the sketch session live, and I'll answer them anyways.

Can I get feedback on my sketches

Absolutely! I recommend that you photograph your daily sketches and share them with me, with very specific questions before the LIVE Sketch Session. I'll reserve time to give feedback on your work  during every LIVE session.

When do I get access to the content

On December 1st you'll get access to the first module. The following week I'll release the content of the next module.

Did I miss anything

Send any other questions you may have to and I'd be happy to chat!

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I'm in
I can't wait to guide you over the next 3 weeks to reconnect you to your sketchbook practice, and ultimately to YOUR creativity.

I know how frustrating it can be to constantly side-line your creativity and to fall off the creativity wagon. It's so easy to feel like life is pulling you in a thousand different directions and that right now, you just don't have time...again.

But I also know that staying connected to that creative voice is our best bet for more joy and respite, and for feeling like you were present to ALL the small moments and images and ideas that make up your life.

I'd be honored to be the one to get you sketching again and I look forward to meeting you inside of The Daily Sketchbook!

Happy drawing,