The Daily Sketchbook

Introducing Cura Studio's brand new online course.

Using watercolor and pen & ink techniques to capture your life and ideas

With this course you’ll go from feeling creatively stuck or lackluster, (as your empty sketchbooks mock you untouched from their spot on the shelf) to recovering the freedom and joy of drawing every day. By the end of the course you’ll finally be THAT person again who confidently carries their sketchbook around everywhere they go.

This course is for you if

  • you're feeling like you've lost the steam behind your creative practice and you're longing to get back into a productive rhythm.
  • you know you love to draw, and create, but 2020 managed to knock you off your creativity streak and it's making you feel a bit like your life is slipping past you. 
  • you're curious to learn effective and complication-free watercolor, and pen & ink techniques
If any of this had you nodding your head, keep reading!

By the end of this course you'll have

  • rekindled a steady relationship with your sketchbook and formed it into a robust practice
  • reconnected with  the little moments that make your life and captured them in the sacred pages
  • formed a rock solid drawing process that keeps you out of overwhelm and in control of your sketches
  • explored multiple pen & ink techniques ranging from classical to non-traditional
  • introduced colorful watercolor sketches into your sketchbook technique oeuvre
  • reminded yourself of what it is you love about drawing

Artists say...

I was hesitant to enroll because I’ve never had any formal art training before.  Luckily, Carolin is an extremely thorough instructor who's always willing to help, and ready to reexplain material if necessary. Carolin’s classes helped me gain more confidence and enjoyment when I draw.  I now feel like I have a strong foundation for wherever I go in my art journey. 
Rachel Kim

The Daily Sketchbook

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